9 Critical Issues – Stone Hearth Oven Installation

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When installing your Beech stone hearth oven there are 9 critical issues which must be considered. It is recommended that you refer to the Beech Ovens RND-REC-RGO Manual for further clarification. The manual is available to download from the Beech Ovens website. No matter whether your stone hearth pizza oven is gas, electric or wood fired it is important that this advice is followed.

1. Adequate ventilation above & below the oven (Refer pp. 37-42)
2. Necessary services installed for spray filters & the water is turned on (Refer p.58)
3. Correct supply pipe sizes installed for gas systems (Refer p.119)
4. Air gaps considered in façade design (Refer p.19)
5. Windows correctly ventilated (Refer p.62)
6. Avoid using combustible materials in façade design (Refer p.13)
7. Air flow & suitable temperature rated fans (Refer p.31)
8. Power supply to gas control system is correctly wired (Refer p.64)
9. Follow correct “Heat-Up” procedure to avoid damage (Refer pp.86-88)

If you have any questions about stone hearth oven installation please contact technical@beechovens.com.au or leave a comment.