Beech Ovens is a recognised industry leader in the manufacture of spectacular cooking equipment and has a reputation for superior quality, reliability and innovation. Initially part of the Beech Group, a family construction and refractory engineering company established in Brisbane, Australia 1958, today, we are part of a global force in the kitchen equipment and food service industry through our parent company The Middleby Corporation. As part of such a significant global force, we provide an exceptionally high level of service to all our clients using the Middleby Worldwide global sales network to complement our team in the Brisbane Head Office. Our product range has expanded from the original Stone Hearth Oven first manufactured in 1989, to now include Rotisseries, Tandoors Duck Ovens,Char Grills, Specialty Grills and Bread Ovens.
In addition to our core range, we offer a true custom design service which is supported by our company motto “if you can conceptualise it, we can build it”. In keeping with our motto, we were the first company in the world to offer windows, spotlights and char grills in Stone Hearth Ovens, and we are still the only company to offer any shape oven be it square, round, corner, diamond or horseshoe shaped. With our US patented construction technique, can do attitude, and commitment to R&D through our continuous development program, we are at the forefront of the industry. Our list of satisfied clients continues to grow with designers, chefs, restaurateurs and hotel owners across the world specifying our ovens above all others. Let our sales and design team assist in the development of your next project so you too can become a Beech Ovens satisfied client.