Beech Charcoal Oven – New Kid on the Block

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Charcoal Ovens have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. We now have a charcoal oven on offer providing consultants and chefs with an option equal in quality and performance to those already available in the marketplace.
How is the Beech Charcoal Oven Different?

Our charcoal oven gives the speed of electric fan-forced cookery but with a flavour profile that is second to none. The simple idea of enclosing a charcoal (wood) burning pit has indeed been done by others, but we’ve made this appliance so much more user friendly. The access from both front and back means the appliance can be loaded from one side while the chef cooks and serves from the other. Easy lift doors glide up and down and prevent heat and smoke from flowing from the front onto the user.


The charcoal oven is finished with a finely polished stainless steel that is suited to either theatre kitchens or back of house. All these unique features are making the Beech model the charcoal oven of choice for chefs around the world including Neil Perry.

Do you have any questions about charcoal ovens?