Beech Duck Ovens

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The Beech Duck Oven is similar in construction to the Beech Ovens range of round stone hearth ovens, however, it is taller, with a higher door and internal ceiling rails to hang the Peking ducks. Beech Duck Ovens are gas fired for convenience, while retaining the ability to use a wood fire for flavour enhancement and visual appeal. An adjustable oven door ensures a consistent even temperature is maintained inside the duck oven at all times.

The Beech Duck Oven recreates the essence and unique cooking ability of a traditional Peking Duck oven. The magic of this style of cooking lies in the ability to produce succulent roast meat encased in delicious crisp skin. We have applied our extensive experience in re-engineering traditional culinary techniques to bring the duck oven into the modern display kitchen.

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Image: Beech Duck Oven, Fat Duck, Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel.