Beech Ovens Spray Filters

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Combining existing fire safety prevention features with ecological features, the Beech Ovens eco-friendly spray filter is manufactured in a high grade stainless steel and designed to complement the Beech Stone Hearth Oven range.

The unique Beech Oven spray filter design uses less water than other systems to produce a fine misting spray to assist in the removal of exhaust contaminants such as sparks and ash, thereby reducing pollutants in the atmosphere. The unit features a cyclonic filter which improves fire safety between the oven and the exhaust duct, as well as a barometric control to enable cool air to mix with the hot exhaust gas to produce cooler air into the exhaust ducting system.

As the spray filter has a self-cleansing action, the filter itself only requires cleaning with water and the overall unit only required standard maintenance to reduce the build-up of debris. The waste water from the spray filter unit can be used in grey water systems (where legislative approval exists), as there are no chemicals used in the cleaning process.

The revolutionary design of the Beech Ovens eco-friendly spray filter offers the industry increased fire safety and is the ideal environmentally sound exhaust solution.

For more information, visit the Beech Ovens website.