Cooking Fires Up – Charcoal & Gas Equipment with Flare

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The latest cooking trend features fire in all its flaming glory, from traditional style fire pits to shawarmas and grills, this trend is for all things fired by charcoal. We have embraced this trend and enhanced the capabilities of our traditional charcoal fired products by adding spectacular gas flame burners to create a more versatile piece of cooking equipment.

The versatility of the charcoal and gas combination has been a great success. Our latest designs are already installed in locations across the world including Neil Perry’s Rockpool at the Burswood Casino in Perth, the Novotel Al Bustan Abu Dhabi, Concrete Blonde Sydney and Balla by Stefano Manfredi.


  Neil Perry’s Rockpool                           Concrete Blonde                 Balla by Stefano Manfredi


Novotel Al Bustan & The Palace The Old Town Dubai

Our charcoal products combine an element of visual theatrics for chefs to entertain diners, with the added bonus of the unique charcoal flavour that ensures the food is cooked to perfection.

Do you love the enchanting visuals of flame? Perhaps you are thinking about incorporating flame into your next restaurant concept… let us know!