Custom Stone Hearth Ovens – Making Culinary Dreams A Reality

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Feature appliances are taken under careful consideration when designing theatre restaurants. With the kitchen often being the focal point it is important that cooking equipment is installed that not only meets functional requirements but provides spectacular visuals as well. Beech custom ovens exceed both these requirements and have been popular with hoteliers and restaurateurs around the world.

Beech Ovens is able to manufacture custom stone hearth ovens in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the design of any kitchen, including ovens which are able to ‘hug’ building posts. In addition to size & shape custom design Beech stone hearth ovens can include extra doors and windows. Beech custom ovens are also able to be split allowing for easy installation, particularly in high-rise buildings.



W Hotel Hong Kong – Custom Size & Shape, Viewing Windows & Oven Split for Easy Installation


Grand Hyatt Philippines – Custom Size & Shape, Custom Shaped Doors, Oven Split for Easy Installation


Sheraton Fiji – Custom Shape to Wrap Around Building Post

If you could design a custom stone hearth oven what features would you incorporate? Perhaps you already have a design in mind…