Dunwoody’s – Cairns

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A testament to the longevity and flexibility of the Beech Oven design is a project recently undertaken by the Beech Ovens service department where we retrofitted a gas system in a twenty year old oven at Dunwoody’s Tavern in Cairns.  Having a wood oven that has lasted 20 years shows the incredible integrity and longevity of the Beech Ovens design.

Being able to retrofit a gas system is also unique to Beech Ovens. Management at the tavern felt that it was time to automate the temperature control of their pizza oven with the addition of Beech’s Full Gas System. Dunwoody’s is owned by Coles Hotels. Beech Ovens sell Stone Hearth Ovens to all of the major hotel chains in Australia.

Image: Dunwoody’s, Cairns.