Electric is the New Black – Latest Stone Hearth Oven News

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Our newly released Electric Stone Hearth Oven is unlike any other available in the market. We have used unique design techniques to create a more visually appealing version of this popular commercial kitchen appliance. Compared to standard back-of-house units, our version has a facade ready finish which is perfect for front-of-house theatre kitchens.

DAVEP 0169

The electric stone hearth oven is ideal for chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers who want the Beech stone hearth quality, but are in locations where gas or wood are either prohibited or difficult to obtain.They are able to cook pizza, grill meats and bake other dishes to the exact high standard of other Beech stone hearth oven models.


The latest Beech Ovens model has a smooth-action, counterweighted glass sliding door making it easy to clean and maintain. The in-floor electric element is controlled by a simple user-friendly touch button control system making the oven easy to operate.

In the past 12 months there has been a big focus within major industries on becoming ‘greener’. The ‘green’ factor is now starting to become more prominent within the foodservice industry, including amongst manufacturers such as Beech Ovens. Our electric stone hearth ovens are the perfect choice for those seeking ‘greener’ options as they emit far fewer emissions than other models.

Are you keen to use an electric stone hearth oven? If you have any questions let us know!