Flame Trouble – Gas Stone Hearth Oven Ventilation Imbalaces

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Is the gas burner in your stone hearth oven behaving erratically? It is most probably due to a ventilation imbalance. Quite often ventilation imbalances on stone hearth ovens can be caused by excessive air coming from:
–  The restaurant air conditioning
–  Fans
–  Open doors

Imbalances in ventilation affect the operation of the gas burner and ultimately oven use.

By simply installing Beech Ovens’ “burner vent device” (pictured) this balance is overcome as it rebalances the air draft coming under the stone hearth oven, allowing the burner to operate unaffected.

This device can be installed in all current and previous stone hearth oven models. For further information as well as a demonstration on installing the device, check out the following video. The video also demonstrates how a simple paper test can help you ensure you have installed the device correctly.

Do you have any questions about ventilation Imbalances? Leave a comment or contact technical@beechovens.com.au.