Gas vs. Electric Stone Hearth Ovens

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As electric ovens continue to rise in popularity some of you may be wondering, which is better – gas or electric fired stone hearth ovens?

Gas stone hearth ovens provide a great visual for diners and also allow chefs to burn wood for extra flavour. The only downside is that they are not able to be legally installed in some locations due to building regulations.

Fortunately the Beech electric stone hearth oven is suitable for chefs who want stone hearth oven quality but are in locations where gas ovens are prohibited, there is no gas supply or ventilation is an issue.

We have tested the electric stone hearth oven in our test kitchen and can confirm that it cooks pizza and other foods just as well as the gas and wood fired ovens. Beech Ovens have also received some great feedback from clients who use the electric stone hearth oven every day in their restaurant operations.

Which type of stone hearth oven do you prefer – gas or electric fired? Perhaps you prefer cooking a wood fired oven?