Harrods Food Hall – Beech Custom Char Grill for The Steakhouse

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The UK’s premier shopping destination, Harrods, has recently refurbished sections of its Food Halls (a luxury food court of sorts). Each Food Hall has its own speciality enabling diners to indulge in their favourite foods. Beech Ovens is represented at the “The Steakhouse” which offers traditional grilled fare cooked over charcoal to the exacting Harrods standards.
The kitchen designers approached Beech Ovens as they needed the world’s most spectacular char grill.

We manufactured the custom char grill which incorporates a rotating wheel on the side that raises and lowers the grill plates above the hot coals. Using the wheels to raise and lower the grill plates allows the chefs to cook steak with the perfect amount of heat according to fuel loads and different cuts of meat.

We’ve once again proved that we are able to meet demanding design requirements. Our motto – “If you can conceptualize it, we can build it!” is further testament to our enthusiasm in making culinary dreams a reality.

Have you been to Harrods? What did you think of the Food Hall?