International Gas Systems

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Due to expansion in our production capabilities, all ovens and related gas systems supplied to our international market are now supplied by our USA facility, Jade Range in Los Angeles. Although the gas systems will function in exactly the same way, they will now be supplied as a low voltage (24VAC) system using a Fenwall ignition and flame monitoring system, 115-240V White Rogers transformer, Red Lion digital controller and 24V SIT valve.

The appearance and overall operation will be identical with the exception of the programming detail for the Red Lion Controller. We believe the 24V system offers improved reliability and longevity of the flame monitoring systems, valves and control components due to a controlled output voltage.

240V systems will still be available on request, though not supplied as standard.

For further detail on the gas system (including wiring diagrams and programming detail) or any other technical aspect of Beech Ovens, please contact our After Sales Technical Department at


Photo: Gowings, Sydney.