Oven Ventilation – Canopy vs. Direct Connect

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Beech Ovens offers a variety of ventilation solutions for our stone hearthduck and rotisserie ovens. The two most common options are the overhead canopy or the spray filter (direct connect).

The canopy ventiliation system is common throughout the restaurant industry. While this is an effective exhaust option it can often present difficulties when designing the oven façade. Due to its obtrusive design, a challenge is presented to interior designers & architects to create a façade that incorporates the canopy while still having an overall stunning appeal. Canopies are not always practical either as some kitchens may not have the ceiling height to accommodate one.


The Beech Ovens spray filter is growing in popularity amongst contractors, designers & chefs alike. Our design uses less water than other systems to produce a fine misting spray to assist in the removal of exhaust contaminants such as sparks and ash, improving fire safety between the oven and the exhaust duct, as well as a barometric control to enable cool air to mix with the hot exhaust gas to produce cooler air into the exhaust ducting system. The spray filter sits neatly on top of the oven (direct connect) making façade design much easier compared to that of an oven with a canopy exhaust system.

No matter which you choose, both canopies and spray filters are a safe and effective way to ventilate your oven. Do you have any questions about oven exhaust?