Oven Ventilation Requirements

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A very important area which is commonly overlooked with gas fired Stone Hearth Ovens is access, and, most importantly, ventilation under and above the oven.

With many of Beech Ovens being gas fired there is either a tube or display burner mounted into the oven floor, which needs a fresh air supply to function correctly.

A common problem with the oven installation process is that insufficient ventilation is allowed for. This can result in the burner being starved of oxygen and not functioning correctly, or air is being drawn from above or below the oven causing the flame to “disappear” below the oven floor, causing the burner to fail. Both these cases result in poor oven operation and irregular temperature fluctuations.

Below is an image showing an example of the ideal location for ventilation and access panels in Beech Stone Hearth Ovens.

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