Pizza Ovens

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Beech Ovens range of round stone hearth ovens are acknowledged worldwide for their superior cooking ability, efficiency and flexibility of design. They are available as wood fired, gas fired or a combination of both. All Beech stone hearth ovens are supplied as a 2 part assembly for easy installation. These ready-to-facade pizza ovens come standard with legs and the required external insulation materials.

Not just a pizza oven, the Beech stone hearth oven is incredibly versatile and can be used to roast, grill, bake, fry, sauté, steam and much more. That the oven is able to do such a broad spectrum of cooking duties has been achieved by having items
requiring a cooler temperature nearer the mouth of the oven (where it is cooler) and vice versa. Cooking with a wood fire, although incredibly hot, is also very “forgiving”. Breads could be cooked at off-peak times and reheated, or par-baked elsewhere and finished off in the oven. See creative cooking for more cooking ideas and tips.

Beech Ovens can also manufacture custom ovens to meet your exact shape and size requirements. Accessories such as char grills and viewing windows are able to be incorporated into custom designed stone hearth ovens and, as with standard round ovens, the custom units are also able to be wood fired, gas fired or a combination of the two.