Pizzas Per Hour – Cooking in a Stone Hearth Oven

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One of the most important things to consider when operating a pizzeria is making sure you can cope with demand. With a range of different sized pizza ovens on the market let’s review pizza cooking in Beech stone hearth ovens. Due to the great thermal mass of the Beech oven dome a great amount of heat is stored inside the stone hearth oven. This allows chefs to cook pizzas quickly and keep up with customer demand. No matter your requirements, we have a stone hearth oven that is perfect for your pizzeria.


Round Pizza Ovens

 Pizza Cooking Capacity Per Hour (approx.)
250mm/10″ 300mm/12″
 RND0900  70 35  25 10
 RND1100  90 60 30 25
 RND1300  120 90 70 50
 RND1500  160  120  90  60
 RND1800  210  160  120  70

Rectangular Pizza Ovens


 Pizza Cooking Capacity Per Hour (approx.)
 300mm/12″  400mm/16″
REC0700  40  20  15  6
REC0850  70  35  25  10
RGO1250  70  35  25  10
REC1250  90  30  30  25

All the above mentioned pizza ovens are available as wood fired, gas fired or a combination of wood and gas fired. Some pizza ovens are also available as electric fired. Don’t forget about the Beech custom design service to jazz up your pizza oven. We can incorporate viewing windows and spot lights into any oven as well as manufacture custom shaped ovens to suit your restaurant.

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