Product Feature – Beech Ovens Rotisserie

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The Beech Rotisserie Oven combines our Stone Hearth Oven design with a removable rotisserie unit. It is perfect for cooking whole beasts such as lamb as well as multiple pieces of meat and whole chickens. The Rotisserie’s intense heat results in meat that is cooked evenly and is tender and delicious. Placing the Rotisserie inside the oven allows for moister to be retained and the meat to baste in its own juices.

Beech Rotisseries are able to be wood fired, gas fired or a combination of both. The Rotisserie Oven is available in a minimum standard size or can be custom built to your requirements. A small Rotisserie can be easily added to a standard multi-door rectangular oven, or for larger Rotisseries, ovens are custom built to suit with an option for a separate fire box with glass window.

All Rotisserie Ovens include classic glass doors and rear display flame allowing the oven to take centre stage in any display kitchen while retaining high cooking performance. Additional features such as built in spot lights and windows allow this oven to take centre stage in your restaurant.

For further information on Beech Rotisserie Ovens please contact us or visit our website.

Image: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Mandarin Oriental London