Product Feature: Charcoal Tandoors

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Beech Ovens manufactures tandoors in electric, charcoal & gas styles, it’s the traditional charcoal style that remains popular in India and parts of the Middle East as well as in traditional styled restaurants around the world.

The burning charcoal adds a delicious flavour to the skewered vegetables and meats placed inside the tandoor and the naan bread which is placed on the inside of the tandoor walls to cook. Food is often marinated in a variety of spices and yoghurt to further infuse flavour into dishes. The recipes for Tandoori Marinade and Naan Bread are available from Chef James’ online recipe library.

Beech Ovens tandoors come in two sizes – 500mm and 700mm, three shapes – round, square and barrel, and have 3 different facade options – stainless steel, polished or patterned copper and painted terracotta in a variety of colours. For more information on Beech tandoors please contact us at

Photo – Copper Clad Tandoor – Kempinksi, China.