Product Feature – Robata

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Beech Ovens designs and manufactures a variety of Asian and specialty grills including Robatas and Teppanyaki Grills. We offer a range of Robata grills that can be either charcoal or gas fired. The Robata is ideal for cooking of all styles of skewered foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, seafood and vegetables.

Charcoal Robatas incorporate a refractory lined charcoal pit for superior thermal efficiency and rich smoky flavour.

Gas Robatas incorporate burners with radiant covers for intense heat which are easy to operate and maintain.

All Robatas have adjustable roasting bars to accommodate a range of skewer lengths. All Robata grills are supplied with a set of custom made cooking skewers.

If you have any questions about Beech Asian Grills or Specialty Grills or are interested in other types of grills please contact our sales team.