Retrofitting Ovens & Tandoors – Converting Wood Fired Ovens to Gas and More

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Did you know that you can convert a wood fired oven to gas fired? Or how about converting a charcoal tandoor to electric? Our unique equipment designs allow you to convert or retrofit your Beech oven to any firing type you wish. This means you can update your cooking equipment to suit your current needs.

Stone hearth ovens can be retrofitted from wood fired to gas fired and visa-versa. We can also retrofit an existing wood fired oven to include a gas backup system which will allow you to cook with wood and gas at the same time. All three of these options are achieved with minor adjustments to the original oven.

We can also retrofit ovens to be electric fired. This is most easily achieved with a full gas or wood fired oven but can also be done in an oven that has a gas back-up system (tube burner).


The Gas Display Burner & Electric Burner are easily interchangeable.

A Wood Fired Oven fitted with a Gas Back-up System (tube burner). 

Our tandoor design makes retrofitting incredibly easy. To switch an existing Beech tandoor’s firing type to either gas, electric or charcoal; the existing element is removed and replaced with the new one. Tandoors retrofitted with gas will of course require a gas connection and electric retrofits will require a power source for the new control box.


As shown here the Charcoal, Electric & Gas Tandoors are easily retrofitted by swapping one component for another.

Do you have any questions about retrofitting stone hearth ovens or tandoors? Share them here or contact our friendly team at