Soot or Carbon Build Up in an Oven

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If your oven roof has a black sooty residue, this could be a simple fix! The soot on the roof of an oven is normally caused by the burner not burning cleanly and/or incorrect adjustment of the burner inspirator.

There are 6 main reasons for this occurring:

  1. Incorrect jet size in burner (uncommon)
  2. Incorrect gas type to that specified on the data plate (uncommon)
  3. Incorrect burner inspirator adjustment (most common)
  4. Inadequate venting under the oven floor
  5. Incorrect gas supply pressure
  6. Partial blockage of the burner with charcoal

To adjust the burner inspirator, loosen the locking screw and open the inspirator until the correct flame is achieved. The flame should be mainly blue with small yellow tips. (Refer to page 80 in the Installation and Operation Manual).

Once the burner is correctly installed, insert the doors and let the oven run at a high temperature to burn away the old soot from the roof.

If you have any technical questions or would like us to email you a PDF of the Installation and Operation manual please email Alternatively, download this manual from our website here

Image: Sooty/black oven rectification.