Splitting Stone Hearth Ovens = Easier Installation!

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It is a well-known fact Beech stone hearth ovens come in 2 pieces (top & bottom) to make installation easier but did you know we are able to split ovens? For large custom designed ovens, oven splitting is available to ensure the installation process is easy even for these larger units.

Oven splitting is simply the creation of one or more splits in the stone hearth oven design and manufacture.

As part of the patented Beech Oven design, splitting an oven does not compromise the product quality or high cooking standard expected of a Beech stone hearth oven. Splitting merely allows big ovens to be easily installed as the smaller pieces are easier to manoeuvre through doorways, lifts and around other objects.

Split Oven Frame Ready for Pouring

Once in place, the split is blended as a normal oven and you are able to façade the stone hearth oven allowing it to appear as one whole unit.

Split Oven Assembled On Site


  Fully Facaded Split Stone Hearth Oven

Let us know if you have any questions about splitting stone hearth ovens or custom design!