The Beech Churrasco

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The Beech Churrasco recreates the flavour of traditional Brazilian cooking. The magic of the Churrasco lies in the special technique of cooking skewered meats over live coals, a fire pit or gas burners.

Beech Ovens offers a range of charcoal fired/wood fired Churrasco and gas fired Churrasco in a variety of sizes. We have applied our extensive experience in re-engineering traditional cooking techniques to bring this culinary style into the modern display kitchen. Beech’s unmatched high performance standards together with our unique ability to custom design have been applied to create the Churrasco.

We offer a variety of Churrasco units with standard sizes ranging from 900mm (35.4″) – 1800mm (70.9″) wide. Each Churrasco model will have a different number of cooking swords/skewers. The 1200mm wide Churrasco (CHG1200-1000) will have 9 swords that rotate and cook with another 5 on the third tier that rest.

No. Rotating
Cooking Swords
No. Resting
Cooking Swords
CHG0900-1000 900 7 4
CHG1200-1000 1200 9 5
CHG1500-1000 1500 13 7
CHG1800-1000 1800 17 9


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