The Importance of Regular Exhaust Maintenance

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For many years now, Beech Ovens have been reminding clients of the importance of regular exhaust cleaning for their ovens.

While many exhaust systems now utilize safety devices such as ’over-temperature’ sensors, ‘no water flow’ sensors and hi-temperature sprinkler heads to monitor when there is a problem in the exhaust, there is no substitute for regular interval inspections and cleaning.

To avoid these risks, Beech Ovens recommend inspections at least every 3 months until the condition in this area has been identified, this may mean more frequent inspections and cleaning may be warranted.

Of foremost importance is the recommended daily cleaning of the oven spigot areas to remove any fats or contaminants that build up in this area. As the first entry from the oven to the exhaust system, this is generally the area of greatest build-up and the most likely source of the initial ignition when a fire occurs.

As part of this regular maintenance, confirming the following items are addressed will ensure a low fire risk operation

  • Ensure the water is turned on and the water sprays are operating.
  • Remove the cyclonic filter and thoroughly clean. Then refit.
  • Inspect the spray filter basin for any build-up or debris.
  • Ensure the cool air inlet valve is operating correctly.


These basic tasks should take less than an hour to complete and will assist in preventing a fire. Nobody wins when a fire occurs.

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