The Tuscan Terrace – Sirromet Winery

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Sirromet Winery’s newly opened restaurant, The Tuscan Terrace is set overlooking the winery’s lush vineyards and Moreton Bay. Offering a variety of food and beverage options, The Tuscan Terrace is the perfect place to dine with wonderful views. The Tuscan Terrace serves up a wide range of wood fired pizzas, cooked in a Beech RND1500.

For more information on Sirromet Winery or The Tuscan Terrace please visit the Sirromet website, and for further information on this install please contact our sales team via

Above: The Tuscan Terrace, Sirromet Winery.


Right: Beech REC1500 at The Tuscan Terrace, Sirromet Winery.