Wood Fired Ovens vs. Gas Fired Ovens

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Which stone hearth oven firing system is better? Gas fired or wood fired? This is one of the most common questions we get asked at Beech Ovens.

Wood fired ovens add extra flavour to food – an attribute not offered by gas fired ovens. Different types of wood subtly add different flavours to pizza & other dishes.


Incorporating viewing windows in wood fired ovens is popular amongst restaurateurs. The burning wood creates a warm visual effect, adding to the ambience of the dining experience. The only downside to using a wood fired oven? A little more cleaning work is involved as the burnt logs need to be replaced and the ash swept out. burning wood fire in a stone hearth oven

The main benefit of using a gas fired oven is that little effort is required to heat and clean the stone hearth oven. Simply select the temperature you wish to cook and turn the gas box on.

Viewing windows can also be incorporated into gas fired ovens. When using a display burner the visual effect created is more dramatic compared to the warm glow of a wood fired oven.

wood and gas fired ovenSo which is better? Wood or gas fired ovens? At Beech Ovens we believe you can have the best of both worlds! All our wood fired stone hearth ovens include the option of gas back-up. This combination allows you to cook with either a wood fire, the gas burner or with the gas on while burning a small amount of wood to infuse extra flavour.

Which do you prefer – cooking in a wood fired oven or a gas fired oven? Do you use a wood/gas combination stone hearth oven?